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Vanessa (Bibs Lovelypam)



My name is Vanessa, but you know me under the name Bibs Lovelypam. I was born on 04/10/1984 in Nice, France.

It was in 2011, when I chanced sculpture cold porcelain that my passion for modeling and sculpture arrived.

I am a self-taught artist, knowing nothing of sculpture, I learned everything I know from practice and experimentation while documenting myself on the net. On the way, I admired the creations of artists who make me dream with so much talent. In 2015, I finally got the courage to try to create dolls OOAK type of polymer clay. The possibilities of this paste and realism that makes really attracted me.

Member of the IADR, I shouldered and oriented to grace group that allows me to develop my passion and evolve.
I recently had the opportunity to have as Mentor Grueso Rosa, a talented artist that I am a fan and I admire the universe. With his help, I try to get the experience of the sculpture while trying to create and share my world. My passion is confirmed by the day, I take more pleasure. It was then with all my modesty that I let you.







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