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Julie Pilcher (Fairybelle Figurines)


I have been married to my wonderful husband Mick for 34 years, have 2 grown up children, 2 beautiful grandsons, 3 four legged companion's and live in the UK.
I have been very interested in all types of craft's since I was a small child but a few years ago found a medium that excited me like no other! ... with its endless avenues to explore, I find that it takes my imagination one step further, making it possible to fulfil all my creative needs in just one piece of art, that medium being 'polymer clay!' Since I have been using polymer clay I have surprised myself in the fact that I've been able to sculpt from my imagination, putting 2D images into 3D with all of my pieces being carefully handmade without the use of any molds.

Although I love to sculpt I still enjoy working with my pastels and making the occasional OOAK Mohair Bear and in the not too distant future would love to venture a little further into the captivating work of Ball Jointed Dolls.

I usually sell my work on eBay .... my username is 'juliesartwork' but will always be happy to discuss any commissions, so if you wish you can have your own custom made Artdoll. Thank you so very much for your interest in my artwork!




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