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I'm Kristiina Meiner, I am married and we have two sons ( 2003 and 2009). I've always worked creativity, and now I enjoying sculpture out of polymer clay.
All of my works are sculpted from professional polymer clay. All dolls are built with a wire armature for strengthening and the figures are padded out with foil . They all are made without use of any molds . 100% One Of A Kind. For blushing I use Genesis and acrylic. For hair I use Tibetan Mohair, eyes are hand painted by me. Standing (in a standing position) they would be 6" - 11" (16cm – 29cm) high
All accessories are also made by me

I have a fancy of creating mini-sculptures from polymer clay. So, I am self-taught and I I would like to say thanks for all the people who make tutorials . And I hope that you will like my work.






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