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Anna Pawlowska

Anna Pawlowska


Hi there. My name is Anna Pawlowska. My name is Anleda online. I live in Poland.

My passion is sculpting dolls OOAK. Carve dolls since 2006 ProSculpt, it's my favorite stuff. My inspiration are constantly working, so many artists from all over the world.

Since childhood, I love everything that is related to the theme of fantasy, so fairies, gnomes, mermaids and dragons. And now I can realize and fulfill, I love doing it and I like it.

In 2008, I founded my own studio, named Anleda Studio Sculpture. His work has since started to sell on eBay auctions. At the same time, I began to gather around her lovers and artists of the Polish OOAK dolls.

I stood up for them a teacher and counselor in matters of making and selling dolls in our forums and in the group on Facebook. These people have become my best friends.
Organize joint creative meetings and we play well together, learning from one another.






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